Friday, 6 July 2012

Quotes- Stray by Rachel Vincent

Here are some of my favourite quotes from my recent read: 
 #1: Stray by Rachel Vincent (Click title to check out the review)

Beware you never know if you might find some spoilers in here.

1. “I was the one in real danger. I got cornered by a pack of wild sorority sisters in the food court. Apparently it’s mating season.”

2. My mother turned towards me with a coffeepot in each hand, her jaw dangling somewhere near her collarbone. You’d think she’d never seen me naked, when I knew for a fact I’d been born that way.

3. The bathwater swirled out of sight, leaving only the artificial scent of raspberries and my fervent wish that Calgon really had taken me away. False advertising. Figures

4. A smart woman would have shut up. Did I? Hell no. Intelligence is overrated anyway.

5. Sometimes I suspected Ryan was merely visiting the real world, on vacation from his permanent residence in la-la land.

6. “Okay, you’ve primped enough. Now go bug someone else,” Ethan said, shooing me out the door. “I have to clean the bathroom.” “That should be interesting,” I quipped. “Maybe I should stay and watch.” “Maybe you should stay and help.” Cupping one hand behind my ear, I grinned, pretending to listen. “I think I hear Marc calling.”

7. “What is it about women and luggage? You don’t have to bring everything you own, and it shouldn’t take this long to throw some clothes into a bag. In fact, if it will save you any time, just leave the underwear out all together.”
8. The moment the door opened I knew an ass-kicking was inevitable. Whether I'd be giving it or receiving it was still a bit of a mystery.

9. “The boys tended to take care of each other but you were too much for anyone else to handle.”
I poked at the ball of yarn avoiding her eyes. “I wasn’t that bad.”
She smiled. “You broke Ethan’s arm.”
“It was self-defense. He wouldn’t let go of my foot.”
“He was helping you tie your shoe.”

10.But I'd take a slashed throat over a broken neck any day. At least that way I'd get to bleed all over his shoes. One final fuck-you before I died.

11. “Faythe, it's me!"
"I know who the hell you are. Why do you think I kicked you?”


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