Policy/Review Requests

Please feel free to e-mail me at any time if you find something or feel something is wrong anywhere throughout my blog. See the contact me section for details.

Book Reviews

Throughout the blog I will provide book reviews of the most recent book(s) that I have read. The review will include the author's name, a summary of the book (most likely from either chapters.indigo.ca, and all copyright belonging to said companies) and there will be an area that describes the GOOD and BAD in the book as well as my overall view on the writing style, story line and just the book in general. There will also be a section that includes who I would recommend this book to and an 'If you likes this you'll probably love...' section and sometimes I may touch on a book it reminded me of.

Please note that some of my older reviews (especially those that were published the first day I opened) may not contain all of these features however since the first couple of days of creating this blog I will provide all these aspects in each new review.

Movie Reviews

A Movie Review will probably be along the same lines of a book review however some features may not be included as well as they may be less frequent.

So you might be thinking...what's the point then?

Well any lover of books and lover of movies will know that the majority of movie ideas are based on or come from books. And the majority of authors can only dream about the day that their works are brought to life (otherwise known as movies). Therefore, ever movie is a piece of literature in my eyes. 

And above everything else please note this:

When people think opinion....well I don't even really have to follow that with a response. So note that my opinion reflects my own thoughts and should be respected same with everyone else's. Don't get me wrong I'm not being paid for this and you should not quote my in your thesis or anything, and they should not discourage your from reading or viewing a piece of work that I've reviewed, but should merely give you a heads up or encourage you to read or view it for yourself to form your own opinion.


First, please note that book blogging, reviews, and any other writing that I complete at My Not So Vacant Shelf or any other blog or book community is simply apart of a hobbie, and I should in now way be taken as a serious professional. Sorry, but I have yet to complete my English degree. I’m simply a young adult who loves books, writing, and movies, and wishes to one day become an author (don’t worry I will let you know if that ever happens). Until then I’ll settle with sharing my views to those who wish to hear them.

I will attempt to not practice any book bashing/author bashing throughout my blog; mainly as I do not believe in these practices and as I wish to be an author in the future, would appreciate this offer being extended to me, and so I respectfully provide that offer to ever author out there. However, there should also be two other things noted with that. 1. ) I will also guarantee to provide an honest review, whether its one star or a five start review I will give the books I read my honest opinion. 2.) In addition I cannot guarantee that I will not mention my tendencies to lean away or even towards a certain author, series, and/or genre.
·      I also do have the rights to remove any comment that is offense, or otherwise.

I do not receive any compensation what-so-ever for reviewing these titles or even hosting the blog, nor do I review titles that I am less than interested in.

·      The only exception may be titles that I read during my school year, however, I will probably avoid any that does not reflect the types of books I read and review for my blog.
·      Consideration will also be taken when I am request to read/revie a book. (Further detail is provided on that below.)

Overall, I am determined to finish every book that I read, however, as we all know sometimes we don’t meet out goals so a review will not be posted until the book is finished (which sometimes may just take time) or a short review that indicates it was a D.N.F (Did Not Finish) book will be posted and my reason why will be listed.

Each review will indicate the source of the book. If a novel is provided by the author/publisher for review it will be noted on each review. All novel details(including synopsis) are borrowed from their respected Indigo.com or Goodreads.com listing and will also be mentioned and a link will be provided.

Note: My reviews should not be duplicated or stolen, and should not be re-posted or paraphrased on any other website, blog, or any other form of print, without my permission. The only expect to this would be the novel’s author, publisher, or publicist, who holds full rights to do so while providing either a link to my review or my blogging name and blog title.

Review Request:

Novels that are listed on my “Waiting On” page are almost always guaranteed to be reviewed on my blog at one time or another.

Requests can and should be submitted via e-mail:

Please do not complete a request via Facebook, Goodreads.com, or even the comment option.
·      The only acceptation would be for other readers who simply want to notify me of upcoming books, or other books by the author, or in the same series/genre.

Before submitting you request please note the following:

·      My review will be honest. Once again, I will not book bash, or author bash, but I do have a rating system from 1 star to 5-Favourite and do take all options into consideration. So, if you complete a request that asks, or even hints towards wanting only a 4-5, or even 3-5 star review, then please do not complete the request. Doing say will result in two options:
o   I will send back an e-mail indicating that I am interested in reviewing said novel, but do not guarantee a good rating and will list my review on my blog and at other blogging communities (Goodreads.com, Amazon.com/.ca, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, Chapters.indigo.ca, Random Buzzers etc.) where available.
o   Or your e-mail will simply be ignored.
*Also note: that I am still free to pick up your novel any time in the future where available and review it on my blog unless you specifically request me not to.

·      I have the right to deny your request for review, and, depending on how the request was submitted, I will reply to your request indicating that I will or will not be reviewing and the reason why.
·      Please include the following in your request:
o   Book Title
o   Author name
o   Name of the individual requesting the review
o   A Summary
o   Your name/username as you will probably be mentioned in the review.
o   Your e-mail address
If available:
o   Book cover
o   Target range
o   Genre(s)
o   A link to the novel if available

·      That should I decide to review your title that it will take time; however, I will provide a general date of when you can expect this review to be released and will forward a link to the e-mail address provided when completed.
o   I also hold the right to reschedule my review to a later date (the majority of the time you will be contacted about this) and have the right to decline posting my review on my blog for any reason.

·      I hold the right of where to post my review. This includes not only on my blog, but on other blogging community sites, such as but not limited to: Goodreads.com, Chapters.indigo.ca, Amazon.com/.ca, Barnes & Noble, and the Book Depository.

·    Although I am not accepting compensation for any review I am currently accept swag items from authors/publishers for myself and for giveaways.

What goes into my request consideration:

·      The summary
·      Whether or not it is in a series
o   If it is apart of a series and is not the first please provide me with the title of the first in the series if I have not already read it.
·      The availability of the title.
o   Generally I prefer titles that I review to be available to all of my followers should they decide to purchase the book themselves; however, being a serious book lover exceptions are always made.
·      What other reviewers have said about the book may be taken into consideration.
o   Please do not allow this to discourage you from sending your request, I may take interest in something not highly reviewed.
·     Genre.
Genres that I enjoy:
o   Young Adult fiction
o   Romance
o   Fantasy
o   Paranormal
o   Supernatural
o   Dystopian
o   Chick-lit
o   Mystery
o   Contemporary Fiction
o   Sci-fi
o   Horror (although limited)
o   Classics
Non-accepted genres:
o   Autobiographies
o   Non-fiction titles
o   Poetry


I accept: physical books, ebooks, and audiobooks. If you are requested a review for ebooks I accept them in epub and azw (amazon) formats. 

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